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I shall demonstrate that some critics of Hobbes have overlooked crucial differentiations in particular, of different kinds of metaphor and similitude in his concept of metaphor as a key-issue of public communication. Furthermore, I shall argue that Hobbes's foregrounding of the 'dangers' of metaphor use in political theory and practice should be interpreted as an acknowledgement rather than as a denial of its conceptual and cognitive force. Ignes fatui or apt similitudes? Author: Andreas Musolff 1. Restricted Access. Add to Cart. Have an Access Token? Enter your access token to activate and access content online.

Please login and go to your personal user account to enter your access token. What is the singular of this word? This sanctuary was miraculous beyond description, and famous for its wonderful " Mountain-lights" and "Dragon-lanterns"3.

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Ignes fatui in general. The dragon -lantern is the only one which arises from the sea and flies to the mountains. De Visser, The plot hinges on one of the great ignes fatui along with the Tanganyika groundnut scheme and the Brabazon airliner of the s. This glowing phenomenon, sometimes called "will-o'-the-wisp," " ignes fatui " or "fool's fire," has been observed around the world, especially in And, on the contrary, metaphors, and senseless and ambiguous words are like ignes fatui ; and reasoning upon them is wandering amongst Moreover, subprime mortgages -- those ignes fatui of the American economy -- did not catch on in Canada the way they did here.

All of which Upon the whole, no person could be less liable than myself to be led away from the severe precincts of truth by the ignes fatui of superstition.

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I have thought Ignes fatui [online]. English words that begin with i. English words that begin with ig. English words that begin with ign.

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Load a random word. Moony emptiness behind your eyes,. Though in a chamber of my rotting mind I preserved the fragments of a breathed promise. It does not rain. It smells as if the clouds have waited. For this moment. I do not know any more what clouds think. Once I could hear them speaking.

You congested my ears. With oaths.

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And knot. And honey of wasps from the depths of your overgrown soul. Your naked body littered with wounds of your own war. Deep injuries. The child you was died long ago. A white shade from recollections. Cobwebbed memorys of forlorn houses. You search for it in the bloody flesh of strangers.

Sometimes you find it.

If it smiles, you ram two scissors deeply into its face. Your knees are red. Inflamed scurf.

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The subsoil is rough. A carpet from chippings and salt. The winter was rough, wet and cold. And snow melts slowly if hearts are cold. Now it rains.

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Turn your body to the back. In the diying grass of the last summer.

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  • Flies, beetles and woodlice millipedes and strawberry spiders. Drops of water on your naked legs. Straggly hair. Your fertile body bleeds an egg from your uterus. I spread your thighs. Water mixes with blood. I recognise that you are not shaved. Sticky hair. Red, dead grass.

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    Insects drown in the fizzy blood. The sky weeps cold waters over your twitching body.

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    You are excited. And waits.